41 years ago ……..

I think a good way to start this blog would be to highlight a news clip from 41 years ago where I was personally involved. Younger people may not have heard of the Penang based newspaper called the The National Echo which was previously known as the Straits Echo. In 1978/79 I contributed a few articles to the weekly motoring section of The National Echo. I wrote under the pseudonym (K.S.) and the pic shows an article of mine published on Friday, May 5, 1978 ………….. 41 years ago. (I will try to upload a pdf copy of the article later). The National Echo ceased publication in 1986 but its predecessor (Straits Echo) was founded in 1903 which makes it one of the oldest newspapers in the country. This is old news but ……………..


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  1. hello Peh, I don’t know the ownership of the Straits Echo during its very early days since it started publication as early as 1903 but I think in the 1950s, 60s and 70s it was owned by the Lim Cheng Ean family. You might know that Lim Cheng Ean was the father of Lim Kean Siew and PG Lim. Sometime in the late 70s, the paper was sold to Tan Koon Swan of MCA fame and he changed the name from “Straits Echo” to “National Echo”. Then in the early 80s, Lim Kheng Kim of Chocolate Products bought it. The Echo ceased publication in 1986 when still owned by Lim Kheng Kim. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

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