75 years ago. Commonwealth War Cemetery Taiping

Many of you would have visited or passed by the Commonwealth War Cemetery adjacent to the Taiping Lake Garden but do you know the man who constructed that beautiful cemetery? It was not just the building of the cemetery itself but his job included finding and collecting the dead soldiers, identifying them and then burying them. The man was Major James Ingram of the British Army. His daughter, Mollie Deeming (need Ingrams) contacted me and sent me some pics for me to post at my Taiping Talk website at www.TaipingTalk.com/photos.

Part of Mollie’s email to me reads as follows:-

“The cemetery is the only one of its kind in the Malayan Union and is described as one of the most beautiful in the east.”

It was divided into four sections Christian, British, Australian, Indian, Malay and also Chinese soldiers were buried there. The article goes on to say…

“The remains have been recovered from all parts of Malaya by Major Ingram and the 30 British other ranks under his command. In the course of their work they have penetrated deep into the jungle and have used Sakais to help them locate war graves. Three Chinese were buried a week ago yesterday were the first to be interred in the Buddhist sections. Major Ingram asks Malayans who know of the location of any war grave to notify the unit in Taiping and transport will be provided to any part of the country to recover the remains.”

There are many photos of Taiping as it is being constructed, the different types of headstones, chinese funeral rites, and photos of the Memorial to Chinese Massacred at Kuala Trengannu, also photos, articles and other interesting material from the time. I admit to being very proud of my Father’s work and look forward in the next few years to visit Taiping myself. Also I’m concerned that the album itself be preserved somewhere appropriate after my death. Possibly a War Musueum? I don’t know yet”.

You can read more about Major James Ingram and the Commonwealth War Cemetery at my Taiping Talk website:-




By the way, the Commonwealth War Cemetery was formerly known as the Taiping War Cemetery. You can see it when you drive from the Lake Garden towards Bukit Larut (the former Maxwell Hill).

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