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Hi all,

Over the years, I have received several requests from people that they be allowed to post pics at However, I have always looked at Penang Talk as some sort of catalogue for my photography efforts and so, only my pics are shown there.

I have now registered a new domain, which will basically be a "pictorial newspaper' and you are welcome to post as many pics as you like, whether they were taken in Penang or elsewhere. Just put them in the proper section. The pics you post must be taken by yourself with your own camera and where it is absolutely certain that you own the copyright. Penang Talk will carry on as usual and I will continue to post pics there while you post your pics here.

Like, attempts to show the history, culture and beauty of Penang. All pics posted should be consonant with this mission statement. You can upload pics to my server or if you have your own web space, you can put an image link to the server where your pic is housed.

Please note that a person who starts a new thread at any of the sections here MUST also post at least 1 pic. A new thread without a pic will be deleted.

Like all my other forums, links to websites are prohibited as I do not wish to usurp the functions of search engines.

Best wishes to all,

P.S. Check out "Ads Unlimited" at the bottom of the front page where you can place ads for free.